About Me

Meet Christina “StinaStaxx” Stevenson

CEO, Hairstylist & Multi Business Owner.

From a small city with global dreams, Christina is a visionary whom through the use of persistent marketing, and pure hustle, has expanded her brand throughout the Northeast Ohio area.  She wishes to continue to grow as a person and a brand, as well as helping other women grow in all aspects.

 In 2014 she launched her first business making custom wigs for customers all over the US, which is known today as Privileged Society.
 Inspired by being called "pretty for a dark skinned girl", Christina decided to create a brand that embodies the Melanated, yet limitless woman.

Privileged Society represents anybody that is beating the odds and tearing down barriers. From CEO, to model, to entrepreneur, to hustler, to first generation college graduates, you are who Privileged Society was made for.
“I want my customers to feel privileged anytime they receive a service from me or rock my merchandise. I want everybody to know how privileged they are and just own it!”
Crown Up!
-Christina xoxo 💋